About Us

We are the caring rideshare advertisers. We care about drivers by allowing them to earn and extra income, accept tips/or a donation to a charity of their choice,

We care for their customers, connecting riders with Digitaxi is connecting with useful information, what's new, Discounts, Airline check-in, and much more, making the ride more enjoyable rewarding and more productive.

We care about our advertisers exposing their brand to a wide audience an enabling them to give special offers create brand awareness and promotions to a captive audience.

Our story

Whilst taking an Uber taxi I began asking drivers how they felt about being a rideshare driver in London, France and Switzerland. I began to see a pattern in the response and decided I would do something about it.

There are currently 100,000 Uber drivers in London alone and increasing daily. Most have seen a decrease in income over the last 12 months alone due to the increase in drivers competing for fare, and also the increase in percentage taken by Uber from 20% to 25% drivers typically need to earn 2500GBP before breaking even after running cost. Meaning they work long hours for very little pay.