Why Us

Advertising customers are able to target specific geo fenced areas depending on the driver’s location and chosen target market and time slots depending on the type of client they want to target.

Digitaxi has Multi touch interactive Tablet application which has the potential to be mounted in more than 100,000 taxis in the London area with 10,000 trips per day.

We are the first companies to offer in car rideshare advertising via tablets in the back of cars that give the riders special offers local info, on bars restaurants and shops, hotels, airline check-in and also enables the rider to give back in tips or donations to a charity.

A Geolocation based tracker with interactive maps will help riders grab a more accurate city information than ever before.

It guides you to the latest offers and discounts that are available in the city, new arrivals, explore London to find interesting things in London. Nearby ATMs Banks Cafes, cinemas and more. The events happening in the city. Streaming local news and weather. Selected flight check in and airport flight information.